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27 February 2013 : Main blog page now in english.
2007 – 2013
Sailing along Turkish Coast and Cyprus + Greek Islands.
Sunday 2nd September 2007:
We arrived Antalya on the 29th August and spent one day there. We are now in Finike Setur Marina and plan to start sailing westwards tomorrow. First stop will be Kekova Roads some 25 nm west of Finike.
Wednesday 8th August 2007:
We have now been back in Norway since 15 June and plan to fly back to Antalya/Finike around 29 Aug- 1 Sept and spend 4 weeks sailing.
Monday 7th May 2007:
After months in Finike Marina we motored to Kekova Roads on the 21st of April. We spent a few days there in Ucagiz Bay, before sailing to Kac.
The next leg was Kac to Gemiler Island (St. Nicholas Island south og Fethyie).
We spent 27 april in Kapi Creek (south of Göcek) and the next night in Ekincik Bay.
29th April – 3rd May, Netsel MARIN, Dirsek Bükü and Selimiye Bay. We are now moored at the Aurora Restaurants pier i Selimiye.
January 2007: 
We are now moored in Finike Setur Marina, Finike, Turkey for some time ahead.
We have not seen many yachts on our way from Tunisia to Turkey – although the weather has been excellent.
From Spain we crossed the «Med» to Tabarka, Tunisia in less than 4 days. We enjoyed our stay there and the harbour price was a bargain. Since our friends – J&B aboard «Den Gule Enke» – already had arrived at Malta, we decided to carry on. We made a short call at the island of Pantelleria and continued to Malta with a fair wind.
Map Europe
After a few days at Manoel Island Marina, we found a weather window and decided to head for Greece on Nov 23.
We were lucky and arrived at Pylos in Greece after 2 days and 8 hours. We spent 4 days there and enjoyed ourselves. Nov 29 we left Pylos and arrived at Kalamatas after 6,5 hours at sea. We spent 3 days in the marina there. (A pleasant and reasonable priced marina,- by the way).
Kalamata Marina
We met cruising people from Sweden, England, Wales, Holland and other countries there.
Peloponnes, Greece is an interesting area and we definitely want to go back and explore Olympos, Sparta, Lakonia and all other places.
Saturday 2nd Dec. we left Kalamata bound for the island of Milos. The weather was pleasant, so we decided to carry on towards Turkey.
running engine
Not much wind in the Agean when we were crossing ……
We made a one night stop at the island of Astypalia:
The harbour was completely empty when we arrived together with «Den Gule Enke» (The Yellow Widow). In the afternoon one turkish yacht arrived on their way to Santorini. We later met them again in Kos Marina.
Kalymnos sail
We sailed on to the island of Kalymnos. The island lies a little north of the island Kos. After a nights stop, we continued to Kos Marina where we stayed 2 days. Friday 8 Dec. we headed for D-Marina at Turgutreis in Turkey – just two hours away.
Turgutreis is 40 minutes by bus to Bodrum, so we went there a few times. The marina was crowded, but the town itself was fairly quiet compared to summer season. Just a few tourists.
We left D-Marina on Dec. 13 and sailed to Knidos, where we anchored for the night.
Knidos was scattered with old ruins :
The next day we headed for Bozuk Buzu, – another bay with an old fortress and more ruins.
From  Bozuk Buku we sailed to Gocek – Fethye – Kac – Kekova Roads to Finike.
Monday 30th October:
Still in Torrevieja Marina on Costa Blanca. Engine stille leaks oil. Gearbox completely overhauled. Getting new propeller. Waiting. Enjoy ourselves besides the cost. Sunshine all day – 18-20 C degrs. at night. We are about 2-3 months delayed by now. If all is OK next week, we hope to have a weather window and sail to Tunisia og Malta direct. If not, we may have to make a stop in Algeria without visa and hopefully no arrests……
PS. Sunday we jumped on a bus and went to Cartagena. We found out the Chartagenians and Romans had been there before us…… about 230 B.C.
Thursday 19th October:
We left Gibraltar on the Oct. 7 after having an engine oil leak repair (warranty). We motorsailed eastwards for 20 hours and arrived at Almerimar Marina on Spain’s SouthEast corner. There we met with our friends J&B on s/y «Yellow Widow» (Den Gule Enke). We also met Rolf & Berit there. They sold their sailyacht some years ago and live aboard a motoryacht in the marina now. Last time we met them was years ago in Dover harbour – we were Northbound and they were Southbound.
After 2 days we started early in the morning, heading NorthEast towards Torrevieja. We intended to stay overnight there and sail via Ibiza east towards Tunisia and Malta. Unfortunately we experienced strange sounds from the engine-room, variations in revolutions while motorsailing. We decided to go back to Lagos and sort out the problems.
Saturday morning (14 Oct – not Friday 13th….) we started the engine, hauled the anchor and drifted off. Trying to engage the gearbox, nothing happened. We tried forwards, stern to no avail. The gear was «dead». So the metallic sounds from the engine-room originates from the coupling between engine and gearbox. The damperplate was totally destroyed. Springs and metalpieces was scattered around inside the flywheel housing.
Tuesday we were towed to the marina.Oscar Sikken and his technicians at «Marine Egines SL» have taken out the gearbox and overhauled it.They have provided a new type damperplate. We are now waiting for a new flexible coupling to arrive.
The engine has been working fine while charging batteries, although it still is leaking oil from the timing gear cover. We hope it does not leak oil from any other place.
Fortunately we still have sunshine and nice temperatures both in water and air.
Do we make it to Turkey this year ? – that is another question. Time will show. KissCool
Sunday 1 October: We arrived here at Queensway Quay Marina, Gibraltar today. Marina Bay was fully occupied. This marina is more like central Gib. though – and cheaper. We intend to sail east into the Med soon.
September: Spent the whole month in Lagos, Algarve – overhauling the engine. Had rental cars 3 times and saw much of Algarve coast & inland.
Saturday 26 August: Radar repaired in Lisboa. Sailed this morning bound for Sines 50 nm further south. Met some friendy people here,- australian, american and even portugese. Will enjoy the weekend here, before we sail off to the Algarve-coast.
Thursday 24 August: Arrived Lisboa yesterday. Will stay in Alcantara marina till tomorrow and then sail south to Sines. Had a fine sailing trip from Povoa de Varzim to Cascais, where we anchored for the night. Motored 2 hours to Lisboa in the morning.Nice and sunny here Cool 29 degrees C.
Friday 18 August : We are on the dry land here in Povoa de Varzim, but will have Tayana back in the sea tomorrow. We enjoy the stay here. People are friendly and helpful. We have overhauled all sea-valves and seawaterpump. The propeller has been fastened properly. It was a bit slack after all the fishingear we had in the propeller in Galicia.
We intend to sail south on monday or tuesday. Will enjoy the weekend here and in Vila do Conde near by.
Sunday 13 August: Will stay here a few days. Our friends will leave for Norway one of these days. Met with other norwegian yachties in this marina (old friends from Stavanger). This is a very friendly marina.
 Saturday 12 August: sailed from Viana to Povoa de Varzim ca. 20 nm further south. Had strong NE wind and sailed 7 knots with the jib only 25% out.
Friday 11 August: Sailed from La Coruna on Wednesday. Tried to get behind Cape Finisterre, but a fire just north of the Cape covered the whole bay on black smoke. So we sailed on with wind forces gusting NE gales several times. We anchored inside Islas Cies (west of Vigo). Dived down to the propeller and found lots of fishing net and ropes. Cleared the prop and enjoyed the beaches at Islas Cies for the rest of the day.
In the evening we motored to Bayona and spent the night in the marina there.
This afternoon we motorsailed south across the border to Portugal. Stayiing in the marina at Viana do Castelo.
Tuesday 8 August: We will wait a while before sailing to Bayona due to: Forest fires rage in Galicia and Cataluña
By h.b.
Sat, 05 Aug 2006, 21:27
Fire i North Spain
After a start to the summer with remarkably few forest fires, this weekend has seen many blazes braking out across the country, especially in the north.A fire broke out on Saturday evening close to the city of Santiago de Compostela. Declared a level one risk, the fire is near the Sarela river. As yet there has been no evacuation from the city.There is also a level one fires in Cerdero in Galicia which is also affecting the towns of Vilaboa and Moaña. The fire has already caused two deaths when two women were burnt to death trapped in their car in Cerdedo on Friday afternoon.

Pontevedra is the area most affected by the fires. Here more than 4,000 of generally mountain land has been affected so far this weekend. There were some 23 active fires in Galicia on Saturday night.

Meanwhile in Cataluña a fire is raging close to Ventalló in Gerona. The blaze has destroyed over 1,000 hectares of land in five municipalities, most of it forestry, and is now heading south.

540 residents of the Alto Ampurdán region were evacuated from their homes for Friday night, but were back home for Saturday. It’s thought the fire was started deliberately, given that it is thought to have started close to midnight.

Monday 7 August: We are now  spending a few days in La Coruna, North Spain. We arrived here on Saturday evening, after fresh sailing down the Bay of Biscay. We left Plymouth on Tuesday afternoon and made an overnight stop at Lampaul on the island of Ushant, Brittany in France. The stop was due to seasickness (Marit), but next day she had 2 Stugerons and has never beeb seasick afterwards.
– We hope to sail on to Camarinas area tomorrow. That will only be a day trip. No more night passages for a while. Laughing
Monday 31 July: Rainy day. Today we got a new 2,5 Hp Yamaha outboard engine. Sail is to be delivered Tuesday morning. We intend to stock up, fill diesel, water and set sail for Biscay and North-Spain before lunch. Will be out of Internet contact for a fews days, but will try to connect as soon as possible after arriving Spain. Bye
Saturday 29 July: Rainy and very wet shopping day in Plymouth. Waiting for friends to arrive from Norway via Heathrow and Gatwick tomorrow. Expect to have «new» sail delivered Monday afternoon and set course for Bay of Biscay shortly after.

John - Des - David

testing new sailFriday 28 July: Sunny/partly cloudy, warm. 3 riggers, John, Des & David, from «Allspars» working all day on installation of new Furlex roller reefing system and testing two used sails. Click on the «thumbnails» to see full size photos. Smile

Thursday 27 July: Sunny day again. Installed new Radarcable. Radar tested OK.

Wednesday 26 July: Sunny day in Plymouth. Various work done.

Tuesday 25 July: Tor out of hospital after the doctors had pushed a stuck piece of meat from throat into stomach. Feeling fine.

Monday  24 July: Tor had to contact doctor in Ivybridge and ended up in a hospitalbed at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Blush

Sunday 23 July: Arrived at Sutton Harbour Marina at 1125 hrs. Another sunny and warm day. Visited our friends Pat & Roger Davies at Ivybridge outside Plymouth.

Friday 21 July : started on the leg Dover to Plymouth. Sunny and flat calm sea. Thundershowers during the first night, with lightning all around us.

Wednesday Juy 19: Arrived here at Dover 0945 local time. All in all a pleasant crossing with beautiful weather, calm sea and blue skies with lots of sunshine,- even moonshine (or moonlite) during the nights. Not much sailing though – well, motorsailing with 50 Hp Perkins iron-genoa. Plan is to stay here for a few days and continue to Plymouth, Devon. Cool

Tuesday July 18: Morning fog lasting 2 hours while sailing «slalom» between Gas- and Oil-Platforms in Southern part of the North Sea.northsea.jpg

Monday July 17: Fishing for dinner at Doggerbank. Caught 6 small mackrells, suitable for a dinner for two.

Sunday July 16: In the Northern part of the North Sea (near Ekofisk Oilfield). 8 – 10 dolphins playing around the boat.

Saturday July 15: Depature Stavanger after topping the dieseltank (500 liters).


We just realized that we need to have some info in english for our friends in England, Canada, USVI, Cuba and other places around the globe Bye.

We intend to sail from Stavanger July 14th or 15th. Our voyage has not been planned in detail, but….

First port of call is Plymouth for a few days. Then across Bay of Biscay to Galicia in Spain and from there along the coast of Portugal.

We will update the Daily page (in Norwegian and with photos) as often as we can, but will also fill in the main details on this page. Laughing. The next update here will probably be from Plymouth (or whatever the first harbour will be).